Village of Snakes

India, for a considerable length of time has often been alluded to as the ”land of snake charmers. For the westerners, when you make a reference to India, instantly India’s well known snake charmers ring a bell first and their disorderly street appears before the variety, confused group as an afterthought strolls of Indian towns.The nonnatives don’t understand that now India is the fourth biggest economy on the planet.

Further, hundreds of years back, some time before the landing of Europeans, the way of life of the Indians was genuinely superior to numerous European countries. Be that as it may, individuals were saturated with old conventions and qualities, other than being superstitious.

The Indian economy crashed when the British had progressed toward becoming experts of the Indian subcontinent and their misuse of Indian lands and locals proceeded unabated.

Shetpal (populace about 2600 in addition to), a little sluggish town in Sholapur District of Maharashtra, feels free to is not quite the same as other energizing Indian towns. Dissimilar to other tranquil and calm Indian provincial zones, this unexceptional town has a spooky and frightening mood, new guests, at first, will delay to move around this place which is around 200 km from Pune, an extensive metropolitan city.


This locale, being dry and in the fields, has heaps of snakes of numerous assortments. Individuals here at Shetpal have ordinary bizarre, guests relatively consistently no body would have longed for.

Alright, who will go to the houses in this little, remote town for rest and unwinding? In the event that you imagine that they are either people or outsiders from space, you are mixed up. They are reptilian critters.

These guests are none other than Naja – India’s most venomous snakes – Cobras!! Does it sound peculiar? Truly, it is very valid. Shockingly, there has been no real rate of cobra nibbles and demise in this town, not withstanding the way that these reptiles move around the houses uninhibitedly as though they were individuals from the families here. The general population here don’t murder them. Nor do they live in dread, imperiling their valuable lives. Probably not.

Cobra or Naaga is synonymous with the Hindu God Lord Shiva, the infinite artist, who has “no start and no closure” (No Aathi and No Andham). Consequently, the villagers solidly adore these reptiles and view them as holy, an encapsulation of worship and regard.

Perpetually in every single Hindu sanctuary for ages individuals venerate snakes for which there are little sanctuaries with various little snake stone pictures respectfully introduced and they are loved day by day by the general population.

Here in this town, there is no house that does not have a resting place called devasathan importance resting spot of Gods-for the cobras. Each house has resting places ideally in the empty spaces of wooden rafters in the roof where these reptiles perch, feel comfortable.The spaces are adequate for their development and residence.

In the event that the general population here form another house, they make sure there are agreeable empty spaces in the new house solely for these guests. Individuals here stroll around the town calmly, without dread, among the

snakes as though they were pet mutts. The snakes likewise visit the schools here and sit in the classrooms among the understudies who don’t hint at any dread!! Is it not a spooky town? May be for us, not for them. Extremely gutsy individuals.

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