This Forest is Mysterious ?


Angeles National Forest: Forest Of Missing Children

The Angeles National Forest in Southern California was built up in 1908 and contains five assigned wild territories. It is an enrolled California Historical Landmark and incorporates a few famous excursion and camping spots. Tragically, it is likewise the area of a few unsolved disappearances.

In 1956, 11-year-old Brenda Howell and 13-year-old Donald Lee Baker set off on their bikes to go investigating in the San Gabriel Canyon territory. They stayed away forever. A broad hunt of the region just revealed the two bicycles and Donald’s coat.

In 1957, two brothers-in-law took their children for a climb in the Arroyo Seco territory when the oldest, eight-year-old Tommy Bowman, chose to keep running ahead on the trail. He vanished around a curve, and when the others arrived, he was no place to be seen. He was never found.


At that point in 1960, six-year-old Bruce Howard went on a camping trip with 80 other youngsters and grown-ups in the Buckhorn Flat. 275 meters (900 ft) from their camp, Bruce ended up tired, and the administrator sent him back to their camping site. He viewed until the point that Bruce had nearly achieved the camp before proceeding with the climb with the others.

It just took minutes to find that Bruce never really got to the camp. He was never observed again. It was suspected that sex guilty party and tyke molester Mack Ray Edwards may have played a role in the above vanishings, and he even admitted to the homicides of Brenda Howell and Donald Baker. Notwithstanding, an absence of proof and Edwards’ inevitable suicide kept him from ever being attempted.

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