Te Waihou Walkway: Amazing Places in New Zealand

Te Waihou Walkway

The Blue Spring at Te Waihou Walkway is universally acclaimed with water so pure it supplies around 60% of New Zealand’s filtered water.

The spring is encouraged from the Mamaku Plateau where the water takes up to 100 years to channel through; the subsequent water is so pure and clean that it creates a lovely blue shading while at the same time being essentially clear.

The walk to the springs pursues a track close by the Waihou River, through wetlands, crosswise over moving peaceful land and highlights views of small waterfalls , local bush and the renowned Blue Spring with glimpses of trout along the way.

Te Waihou Walkway

Water from the Blue Spring streams at a rate of 42 cubic meters for every moment and could fill a 6 lane (25 meter) swimming pool in around 12 minutes. The water temperature is a consistent 11 degrees celsius consistently.

The Blue Spring walk takes around one and a half hours every route, beginning from Whites Road (State Highway 28), close Putaruru. There is additionally a shorter walk, 15 minutes every route, to the Blue Spring, accessed from nearby Leslie Road.

The Te Waihou Walkway and Blue Spring is situated in South Waikato near Putaruru. With bounty to see and do in the South Waikato territory you can without much of a stretch make a day of it. Appreciate some neighborhood cheddar at Over the Moon Dairy Company, take your bicycle and experiment with the Waikato River Trails, or complete a spot of fly angling in one of the numerous incredible conduits in the zone.

Boutique exhibitions and blessing stores are copious in Tirau while Tokoroa, somewhat facilitate south, praises its ranger service legacy with the cut Talking Poles and NZ Timber Museum.

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