Punsari, Gujarat : A model Indian village


Envision a village (Punsari) that offers Wi-Fi connectivity, has cooled elementary schools equipped with CCTV cameras and cooks getting ready midday meals. Every one of the boulevards in the village have solid streets, individuals get chilled mineral water for drinking and there is an autonomous open transport framework. This fantasy village, Punsari, exists in Gujarat’s Himmatnagar. The village is presently preparing for a prominent visit of the extra secretary of the Union government to consider this model with the goal that it very well may be repeated crosswise over 640…

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Most Amazing Facts About India


10 Astounding Lesser Known Facts About India   1. Snakes and Ladders began in India Referred to at first as Moksha Patamu, the amusement was concocted to show an ethical exercise karma to kids. It was later marketed and has turned out to be a standout amongst the most well known prepackaged games on the planet. 2. Animal Polling Station Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas has been casting a ballot since 2004, and amid each decision from that point forward, a unique surveying corner is set up only for him as he…

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Village of Snakes

India, for a considerable length of time has often been alluded to as the ”land of snake charmers. For the westerners, when you make a reference to India, instantly India’s well known snake charmers ring a bell first and their disorderly street appears before the variety, confused group as an afterthought strolls of Indian towns.The nonnatives don’t understand that now India is the fourth biggest economy on the planet. Further, hundreds of years back, some time before the landing of Europeans, the way of life of the Indians was genuinely…

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The Jodhpur Boom- Indian Biggest Headline


Envision how might you feel if on one fine morning, only hours after you began your day by day schedule of your not really serene life, you listen to a stunning sound of no place. You may promptly begin considering it an enormous blast some place. Imagine a scenario in which you or any other person neglects to make sense of what caused the sound. Precisely that is the thing that the general population of Jodhpur felt. On a fine morning of December 18, 2012, exactly at 11:25 AM, individuals…

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The Musical Pillars Of The Vittala Temple in Hampi


One of the outstanding highlights of the Vittala Temple is the melodic columns. The vast Ranga Mandapa is notable for its 56 melodic columns. These columns are otherwise called SaReGaMa columns, which are ascribed to the melodic notes rising out of them. The columns deliver melodic tones when hit with a thumb. It sounds like chimes ringing. Every column offers help to the roof of the mandapa, and the principle columns are outlined in the way of melodic instruments. Each fundamental column is wrapped by 7 minor columns and these…

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