Ravana’s Shocking facts – Unknown Hidden And Mysterious


1. The Veena maestro

A large portion of us know him to be the remorseless man and an asura. He was the ruler everything being equal. As a tyke he was dreaded by every one of the general population on account of his ten heads.

Our convictions are the insidiousness and God resemble foes and battle one another, yet Ravana was a firm adherent of Lord Shiva.

2. Ravana knew his future

As per the whole story, Ravana was envisioned as a merciless, most tremendous devil, who affronted all the sacred individuals. When he caught wind of Rama’s attack because of kidnapping Sita, his sibling prompted him to surrender.

Being as determined to his forces Ravana denied the way that he will be executed, rather he held fast to battle with the end goal to get moksha/mukthi from Rama’s hands and reach back to Lord Vishnu.

3. Battle with Bali

He was crushed by Bali, and was attacked and detained in his armpit for a half year. The story goes this way: One day, Bali was loving God Sun not surprisingly. Ravana, bombastic of his forces, subsequent to getting a ‘vardana’ by Lord Shiva challenges Bali.

Bali, at first pays no regard, yet subsequent to getting disturbed snatches Ravana, tucks Ravana’s head under his armpit and flies that way. He discharges Ravana simply following a half year, having shown him a thing or two.

4. Learned Person

He was an extraordinary Scholar in Ayurvedic prescription. He was the individual who developed “Arka Shastra”. The book “Arka Prakshaya” uncovers this reality to the present world.

As his ready to investigate in Ayurvedic medication he composed a few books uncovering the solutions for some maladies. In one book he stated “Eating meat cause to contaminate ninety eight new illnesses to individuals”.

5. 10 Heads

Ravan did not really have 10 heads. He used to wear an accessory made by his innovator father the extraordinary sage Visharava, which when worn reflected light and made a fantasy of ten heads.

He really had an unbounded number of heads, which is the reason master Ram kills him at last by puncturing his navel with a bolt as opposed to decapitating him 11 times.

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