Car Graveyard: Mysterious Place in Belgium


Car Graveyard

Right amidst a little timberland close Chatillon, a little town in Southern Belgium, is a memorial park of relinquished and excellent corroded cars. These cars once had a place with US fighters who were positioned in this locale. It’s not known how they figured out how to gain these delights amidst the war.

when the World War II finished, every single military troop were sent back to the US. Yet the expense of having each one of those cars dispatched was much excessively costly.


The positioning officers chose to leave every one of the cars in Belgium. The cars were driven up a slope, one by one, pleasantly stopped and by one means or another avoided the outside world.

Once back home in the US, the fighters who needed to recover their car needed to assume individual liability for all expenses of the transportation. Not a solitary car was recovered.


At a certain point there were four car memorial parks around Chatillon, and upwards of 500 vehicles. Just a single remain today. After some time, erosion and rot have exhausted the vehicles and what little remained were stolen by local people and car authorities.

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