Kiradu Temple – Haunted Places in Rajasthan


Kiradu sanctuaries are one of the significant sanctuaries in Rajasthan which is significantly known as a loathsomeness spot instead of being a vacation destination in Rajasthan. The sanctuaries of Kiradu are a gathering of sanctuaries which is otherwise called the Khajuraho of Rajasthan and they are renowned for their old frequented stories.

The sanctuaries are well known for being a great spot for the lovers and the sanctuaries is additionally has a spooky foundation and the narratives are rally spine chilling. It is a faith that no individuals remain here after nightfall close-by the sanctuaries since it is said that any individual who will remain here will transformed into stones and this is the story which is additionally recognized as the historical backdrop of the sanctuaries which are frightening yet exciting.


As indicated by the scientists the sanctuary was worked around eleventh century and was worked by King Dushalraja and he was from the Paramar tribe. There are numerous engravings present on the dividers of the sanctuary that characterizes its reality to the twelfth century and furthermore identify with the Chalukya administration.

The mainstays of the sanctuaries are engraved with such sorts of contents and they have a place with the Hindu timetable of the antiquated era of the Chalukya line amid the rule of Madan Bhramadeva Chauhan. There are through and through three sanctuaries present in the region and they are committed to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and their godlike objects are additionally present here yet the sanctuaries are found in demolishing condition.

The History of Kiradu Temples

The sanctuaries of Kiradu are accepted to be spooky as the town is having numerous such sorts of stories moving around. It is trusted a heard that there was a wise who visited the town and he asked for the villagers to deal with his supporters as he was from the place for some days however no one dealt with them yet there was a lady who dealt with the followers as the sage was away.


What’s more, when he returned he discovered his devotees in about dead condition and was extremely irate with the villagers who drove him to revile the whole town to transform into stone as they didn’t have any emotions in their heart so with displeasure and he just requested that the ladies move out from the town on the off chance that she needs to go to escape from the revile and furthermore requesting that her not to turn back as she would likewise transform into stone and the ladies fled from that point.

Furthermore, being interested she turned back and as a result she transformed into stone. What’s more, there is a statue of ladies of stone can be found in the outskirt of the town presenting thinking back, so the general population around here feel that the stories are some way or another genuine.

Also, in the long run no body remains here in the wake of night as they trust that whosoever will stay in the wake of night here will transform into stone.

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