Haunted Delhi Jaipur Road Experience


In spite of the fact that I have perused and listened numerous alarming stories this one made me extremely sickened and its a genuine one happened to my companion.

One pre-spring night he was making a trip from Jaipur to Delhi on bike with his companion who was riding it. No compelling reason to state it was dull with infrequent trucks which you will experience on any national interstate amid evening time. My associate was riding pillion when he saw his companion looking eagerly on his agree with a total 90° turn of his head.

His companion’s face was white with frightfulness. He coolly asked what is occurring. His companion asked him to simply quiets down. Befuddled and froze he simply kept very till 10-15 minutes when his companion ceased at a sanctuary which was lit. They were simply strolling to sanctuary when an elderly person asked his friend,”you saw her?”.

His white with frightfulness confront was sufficient of an answer. So the elderly person requesting that they visit sanctuary and continue with their voyage. They did as he told and proceeded. It’s solitary when they achieved their goal early in the day. His companion had guts to tell what he saw. He told at that time he saw a woman dressed as bride running with their motor cycle facing him.

First he thought about how she could make up for lost time with bike’s speed. It was at exactly that point he understood she was not human. He solidified with expectation what else she could do and was not able turn away his eyes from her vacuous face. Imagine for 10 minutes or so he kept looking at supernatural creature while riding a bike.

My associate saw or felt nothing. This story kind of strengthens the nearness of spirits as it transpired I know. That idea starts up my creative ability when I am at any frightening circumstance.

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