The Devil Bible


The Codex Gigas is the biggest medieval original manuscript on the planet. In any case, it’s not the measure of the book that makes it wonderful, however what’s inside like devil. The Codex Gigas sits in plain view at the National Library of Sweden in Stockholm. This leather-bound book is the biggest surviving European original manuscript on the planet accepted to have been composed by a monk in Bohemia amid the mid thirteenth century. Be that as it may, this behemoth composition, sitting at 36 inches tall, 20 inches wide,…

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Kiradu Temple – Haunted Places in Rajasthan


Kiradu sanctuaries are one of the significant sanctuaries in Rajasthan which is significantly known as a loathsomeness spot instead of being a vacation destination in Rajasthan. The sanctuaries of Kiradu are a gathering of sanctuaries which is otherwise called the Khajuraho of Rajasthan and they are renowned for their old frequented stories. The sanctuaries are well known for being a great spot for the lovers and the sanctuaries is additionally has a spooky foundation and the narratives are rally spine chilling. It is a faith that no individuals remain here…

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Haunted Delhi Jaipur Road Experience


In spite of the fact that I have perused and listened numerous alarming stories this one made me extremely sickened and its a genuine one happened to my companion. One pre-spring night he was making a trip from Jaipur to Delhi on bike with his companion who was riding it. No compelling reason to state it was dull with infrequent trucks which you will experience on any national interstate amid evening time. My associate was riding pillion when he saw his companion looking eagerly on his agree with a total…

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The Ghostly Handprint of Francis Leavy

Francis Leavy was a committed firefighter amid the 1920s. He cherished his activity, and his companions adored him. He was a wonderful man, constantly prepared with a grin and some assistance. On April 18, 1924, Francis’ associates ended up mindful of an adjustment in his attitude. All of a sudden, he was an unsmiling, snorting fellow washing a huge window at the Chicago Fire Department, not taking a gander at anybody or talking.After a couple of minutes, Leavy abruptly declared that he had an unusual inclination—an inclination that he may…

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Mystery of Jeannette DePalma Death – Unsolved Puzzle

Jeannette DePalma

In 1972, a dog brought something very strange to the back door of his owner’s home. He had sniffed out an almost completely decomposed human forearm on a cliff top in Springfield, New Jersey and dragged it back to its master who realized with a great shock what it was. The man informed the police and, after a short search, they found the remains of the body to which the arm belonged. Place where the dead body was found The remains were that of Jeannette DePalma, a teenager who had…

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