Lord Rama : 5 Interesting Facts That Will Surprise You!

1. At the point when Lord Rama, Sita and Laxmana were in a state of banishment in the Dandakaranya woods, Lord Rama and Sita had a swimming race. Ruler Rama was well in front of Sita in the race yet chose to back off and let her win since he needed to see her glad. 2. Parshuram, another manifestation of Lord Vishnu, had once tested Lord Rama to string Lord Vishnu’s bow. Ruler Rama acknowledged the test and accomplished the accomplishment effectively. Parshuram at that point understood that he was…

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Ravana’s Shocking facts – Unknown Hidden And Mysterious


1. The Veena maestro A large portion of us know him to be the remorseless man and an asura. He was the ruler everything being equal. As a tyke he was dreaded by every one of the general population on account of his ten heads. Our convictions are the insidiousness and God resemble foes and battle one another, yet Ravana was a firm adherent of Lord Shiva. 2. Ravana knew his future As per the whole story, Ravana was envisioned as a merciless, most tremendous devil, who affronted all the…

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Ramayan: Shocking Facts


Shocking Facts of Holy Ramayan: 1. In Ramayan Lord Rama is known to be a symbol of Lord Vishnu, Laxman is viewed as a symbol of Sheeshnaag, the serpent related with Vishnu. 2. Laxman slaughtered three children of Ravana – Meghnad, Prahast and Atikay. 3. Nandi, the bull, had reviled Ravana. He had said that monkeys will turn into a reason for your demolition. 4. The white stripes on a squirrel’s body are given by Lord Rama. At the point when the monkeys were making Ram Setu, a squirrel attempted…

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Punsari, Gujarat : A model Indian village


Envision a village (Punsari) that offers Wi-Fi connectivity, has cooled elementary schools equipped with CCTV cameras and cooks getting ready midday meals. Every one of the boulevards in the village have solid streets, individuals get chilled mineral water for drinking and there is an autonomous open transport framework. This fantasy village, Punsari, exists in Gujarat’s Himmatnagar. The village is presently preparing for a prominent visit of the extra secretary of the Union government to consider this model with the goal that it very well may be repeated crosswise over 640…

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Most Amazing Facts About India


10 Astounding Lesser Known Facts About India   1. Snakes and Ladders began in India Referred to at first as Moksha Patamu, the amusement was concocted to show an ethical exercise karma to kids. It was later marketed and has turned out to be a standout amongst the most well known prepackaged games on the planet. 2. Animal Polling Station Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas has been casting a ballot since 2004, and amid each decision from that point forward, a unique surveying corner is set up only for him as he…

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India’s forest man

Jadav ‘Molai’ Payeng (55), a local of the Mishing clan of Jorhat area in Assam, isn’t a customary man. After the annihilation caused by the 1979 surges close to his origination in Assam, Jadav without any assistance changed a whole fix of desolate land into a thick forest. Everything began when Jadav, in the wake of finishing his Class 10 exams from Baligaon Jagannath Baruah Arya Vidyalaya in Jorhat, came back to Aruna Sapori, a stream island on the Brahmaputra. He was stunned to see over a hundred snakes being…

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Village of Snakes

India, for a considerable length of time has often been alluded to as the ”land of snake charmers. For the westerners, when you make a reference to India, instantly India’s well known snake charmers ring a bell first and their disorderly street appears before the variety, confused group as an afterthought strolls of Indian towns.The nonnatives don’t understand that now India is the fourth biggest economy on the planet. Further, hundreds of years back, some time before the landing of Europeans, the way of life of the Indians was genuinely…

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Kiradu Temple – Haunted Places in Rajasthan


Kiradu sanctuaries are one of the significant sanctuaries in Rajasthan which is significantly known as a loathsomeness spot instead of being a vacation destination in Rajasthan. The sanctuaries of Kiradu are a gathering of sanctuaries which is otherwise called the Khajuraho of Rajasthan and they are renowned for their old frequented stories. The sanctuaries are well known for being a great spot for the lovers and the sanctuaries is additionally has a spooky foundation and the narratives are rally spine chilling. It is a faith that no individuals remain here…

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Raj Mohan: Real Life Electroman


Real Life Electroman You and I would perhaps pass on of electric shock on the off chance that we bungle with electric flow. Furthermore, that will occur inside microseconds as the voltage goes through our body. Be that as it may, this isn’t the situation with Raj Mohan Nair of India. He is a man with irregular endowment of surviving electric shock, or basically ‘not getting stunned’ when he contacts bare power. He in certainty can survive 30 times over the typical measure of electric flow that will in a…

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Kurnool Nandi idol slowly growing


A Nandi icon at the Umamaheswara sanctuary in Yaganti in Kurnool is developing. It’s presently an all out vacation spot. Sources likewise include that the Kalagnanam by the Saint Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swamy claims Yagan-ti Basavanna will wake up and yell when Kali Yuga closes. This excessively has raised open intrigue. The Basavanna symbol throughout the most recent century has evidently been developing ceaselessly. Local people say the symbol, arranged alongside a column, was at first significantly littler. Previous Pathapadu sarpanch Chandrasekhar Reddy, whose family has been normal lovers for a…

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