Kurnool Nandi idol slowly growing


A Nandi icon at the Umamaheswara sanctuary in Yaganti in Kurnool is developing. It’s presently an all out vacation spot. Sources likewise include that the Kalagnanam by the Saint Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swamy claims Yagan-ti Basavanna will wake up and yell when Kali Yuga closes. This excessively has raised open intrigue. The Basavanna symbol throughout the most recent century has evidently been developing ceaselessly. Local people say the symbol, arranged alongside a column, was at first significantly littler. Previous Pathapadu sarpanch Chandrasekhar Reddy, whose family has been normal lovers for a…

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The Jodhpur Boom- Indian Biggest Headline


Envision how might you feel if on one fine morning, only hours after you began your day by day schedule of your not really serene life, you listen to a stunning sound of no place. You may promptly begin considering it an enormous blast some place. Imagine a scenario in which you or any other person neglects to make sense of what caused the sound. Precisely that is the thing that the general population of Jodhpur felt. On a fine morning of December 18, 2012, exactly at 11:25 AM, individuals…

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The Ghostly Handprint of Francis Leavy

Francis Leavy was a committed firefighter amid the 1920s. He cherished his activity, and his companions adored him. He was a wonderful man, constantly prepared with a grin and some assistance. On April 18, 1924, Francis’ associates ended up mindful of an adjustment in his attitude. All of a sudden, he was an unsmiling, snorting fellow washing a huge window at the Chicago Fire Department, not taking a gander at anybody or talking.After a couple of minutes, Leavy abruptly declared that he had an unusual inclination—an inclination that he may…

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Mystery of Jeannette DePalma Death – Unsolved Puzzle

Jeannette DePalma

In 1972, a dog brought something very strange to the back door of his owner’s home. He had sniffed out an almost completely decomposed human forearm on a cliff top in Springfield, New Jersey and dragged it back to its master who realized with a great shock what it was. The man informed the police and, after a short search, they found the remains of the body to which the arm belonged. Place where the dead body was found The remains were that of Jeannette DePalma, a teenager who had…

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The Musical Pillars Of The Vittala Temple in Hampi


One of the outstanding highlights of the Vittala Temple is the melodic columns. The vast Ranga Mandapa is notable for its 56 melodic columns. These columns are otherwise called SaReGaMa columns, which are ascribed to the melodic notes rising out of them. The columns deliver melodic tones when hit with a thumb. It sounds like chimes ringing. Every column offers help to the roof of the mandapa, and the principle columns are outlined in the way of melodic instruments. Each fundamental column is wrapped by 7 minor columns and these…

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