125 Year Old Ravana Temple In Kanpur


At the point when devotees will stamp triumph of good over insidiousness on Dussehra by consuming likeness of evil spirit lord Ravana in many parts of the nation, individuals will revere the Dashanan at a 125-year-old sanctuary in Shivala area in Kanpur.

The sanctuary Dashanan Mandir which was allegedly developed in 1890 by lord Guru Prasad Shukl, opens its entryway for aficionados every year on Dusshera.

The thought process behind the development of sanctuary was that the Ravan was the educated pandit and lover of Lord Shiva.

The sanctuary of evil spirit ruler was developed in premises of Lord Shiva sanctuary in Shivala area of the locale. Devotee will revere evil spirit ruler pursued by lord Shiva.

But this sanctuary there was no symbol of evil presence ruler in the whole nation.

On the event, the symbol of evil presence ruler is finished and after sanitization, an aarti is performed. Devotee will light the earthen lights and will perform religious customs to commend the celebration.

Around 15,000 lovers are relied upon to crowd the sanctuary , as it is opened once in a year just on the Dussehra day.


After the representation of evil presence ruler would be scorched in Ramlial ground here, the entryways of the Dashanan Mandir will likewise be shut for a year.

Dussehra is viewed as the day when Lord Ram crushed Ravana and saved his kidnapped spouse, Sita. According to the convention, the representation of the evil spirit ruler Ravana is singed in many parts of the nation.

Aside from Ravana, the colossal likenesses of his sibling Kumbhakarna and child Meghnath are additionally scorched

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